Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Golden Grrrls - Golden Grrrls

Album review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

It's probably going to be a source of some confusion, especially when saying the band name as opposed to typing it, but Glasgow indiepop band Golden Grrrls are not at all connected to shoegazers Golden Gurls, they do however, share a penchant for fuzzy guitars and the sounds of alternative music of the past. In this case, Golden Grrrls have a penchant for the fizzing guitar-pop that Glasgow and the C86 scene became known for. That said, the trio now spend much of their time in London and their take on quickfire fuzz-bombs is maybe a bit more refined than some of the originators, yet it's still distinctly lo-fi.

The focus of their debut album is firmly on tunes and nothing else. They're not trying to be clever, they don't allow songs to go off at a tangent or outstay their welcome, and they don't add any more than is needed. As a result the average track length is about two-and-half minutes; the perfect duration for songs of this variety. You can run through a few comparisons, but you'd be looking at the same names as many others. The Vaselines, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, The Feelies and so on. In fact the band profess a love for the indie scenes from Australia and New Zealand, so we're hoping they help spread the word about Look Blue Go Purple, one of the most underrated bands of that era.

Ploughing straight into the fuzz without a second thought, the band launch the album with the ace (if slightly ironically-titled) 'New Pop' and then it's just like firing bullets from a gun. It's a relentless charge through nugget after nugget of musical balls of energy. The absence of variation doesn't matter a bit, as they crash from one song straight into the next. In fact, if there was a track or two that didn't fit the style then it would interrupt the flow of the album: it needs to be like this. A few other tracks to look out for? 'Older Today', 'Take Your Time' and 'Date It' are all worth keeping an eye out for, but really your best bet is to just stick the album on and let it fly.

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