Sunday, 7 April 2013

PREMIERE: Katia - You Win

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The plan for Dutch band Katia (who take their name from their incredibly gifted vocalist Katia Truijen) is to release four EPs, each inspired by a different season. They're beginning with the 'Hide The House' EP which was recorded in autumn. The title-track was put up on Bandcamp at the end of last year, but later this week they'll be releasing the whole five songs, and the generous bunch have offered us the world premier of the stunning 'You Win' to go along with the song 'Hide The House' as your handy introduction to their very fine new record.

As good as the lead song is, we think they trump it with 'You Win', a song that takes indie-folk and sprinkles a little gold dust on it. The vocals are, of course, the focal point, but listen a little deeper and you'll notice that there are hidden layers and a surprising level of inventiveness at play here. Katia aren't happy to settle for the mundane, and the more you listen to 'You Win' the more you find. Always the mark of a good song. We reckon you can just about throw the word "epic" at this one too. It may not be overly long, but its twists and turns and unexpected elements all add up to this track being a little out of the ordinary.

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