Monday, 15 April 2013

Postcode - The ZebrATP EP

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Postcode like to regard themselves as the Isle Of Man's finest purveyors of "zebracore" (no, us neither). We daren't ask where this fascination with the stripy mammals came from, but in musical terms it seems to manifest itself in the form of what is more commonly called indie/alternative rock, and they're presenting us with the latest batch of zebracore in an EP called 'The ZebrATP', the reason being that it was inspired by visits to All Tomorrow's Party festivals. We can't help but think naming the band Barcode would have been more appropriate. Anyway, the Douglas quartet, regardless of made up genres, have a pretty good range of songs in their repertoire, and for the price of your choosing you can nab a bunch (herd?) of them from Bandcamp.

'The ZebrATP' EP is a throwback of sorts. Picking a couple of the best tracks here; 'Reds' and 'Pavilion Song', you'll return to an era when guitars were in fashion, and not only by people in Converse and skinny jeans. It's a bit grungy at times, yet manages to avoid sounding dated. There's the odd slow-burner too, such as 'Envy', but it's not long before this also becomes overwhelmed by guitars. It shouldn't really come as much of a surprise, given that ATP events often consist of cult guitar bands who made their name in similar sonic terrain, that this style is chosen, although the EP does achieve its goal in some style. There's not really anything here worth reaching for the skip button for. The buzzy 'Sunfield' is another cracker, and then they finish with 'Goodbye Minehead', leaving us thankful that they have a decent taste in festivals.

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