Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Post War Glamour Girls - Jazz Funerals/Johnny & Mary

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

They've been mainstays on the Leeds circuit for a couple of years now and have also reached a bit further afield too, and now it looks like Post War Glamour Girls are hoping to take the next step. This new double A-side single will be the first on their new label ILR (we think it's set up by the band I Like Trains). Perhaps the biggest surprise here is that the song 'Johnny & Mary' is actually a cover of the Robert Palmer song. A song that up until this point we'd totally forgotten ever existed. We stopped and had a listen to the original on YouTube to find it sounding much better than we remember too.

The version here is better still, taking the very much of its time original and updating it with a bit more grit and and some scuzzy guitars in place of the retro beats. A pleasant and unexpected surprise. Their own track, 'Jazz Funerals' is a good one too. Beginning with those 40-a-day gravelly vocals and some stern drums and guitar, it's all change for the bridge and chorus which are much lighter, adopting some female backing vocals followed by a crisper and more spangly guitar line. It sounds like these guys aren't afraid of trying different things and that's an attribute which will serve them well.

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