Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Kisses - Huddle

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Personally I've always found Los Angeles duo Kisses a bit hit and miss, but this can often be the case with side-projects (Jess Kivel is also a member of Princeton), but as time has gone on, it almost appears that it's Princeton that are the side-project with Kisses becoming his main focus of attention. From where we're standing they've been getting a lot more press anyway, so maybe this will translate to less patchy output. You'd hope so, especially considering they'll be releasing an album, 'Kids In LA', on May 13th.

New single 'Huddle' takes their alt-pop and removes a couple of strips of alt, replacing them with a bit of extra pop. So it's still not chart-style, but it's also unlikely to be such a draw for the indie crowd. Perhaps their plan is to broaden their fanbase to incorporate the larger pop demographic, but to do so without selling-out. It sounds like that's the case with this tune anyway. It's no sell-out, it's simply a good pop tune, and there's nothing at all wrong with that.

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