Wednesday 10 April 2013

Everyday Mistakes - Obscure Lanes

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Not for the first time of late, we find a Scandinavian artist creating music that would make the best soundtrack to a Western movie you've ever heard. Everyday Mistakes is the alias of Mattias Malm, a Swedish artist who has just crafted a quite stunning album in 'Obscure Lanes'. It's not solely his work, other musicians have helped along the way; something that would just about be unavoidable with a work as orchestrated as this. There are instruments piled on top of other instruments and spectacular production, as one man pursues his goal of creating a record with such grand ambition as this.

As we touched upon with single 'Voodoo Drums', Phil Spector is a big influence, along with Ennio Morricone and John Barrry, as well as classic pop arrangers and producers like Jack Nitzsche and Brian Wilson. In short: the man likes strings and lots of orchestration. 'Obscure Lanes' fells like an album that was made to out-Calexico Calexico, and it does. Taking their mariachi-laden alt-rock to a whole new level; this is powerfully evocative, creates different atmospheres at the click of a finger and makes the solemn and bleak feel triumphantly engaging. No punches are pulled, yet not once does he go over the top.

If we come to picking out highlights, it would have to depend on the mood you're in or the atmosphere you wish to create. There are majestic, galloping alt-rock tracks and there are those with a bleaker outlook, but no less excitement and intrigue found in them. Of the former, head for 'Buried Alive', 'The Sun Will Rise Again', 'Voodoo Drums','Crow' or the creepy 'The Devil In The Viilage'. Of the later you could skip to 'Shepherd's Maze', 'A Cold and Desert Place', 'A Great Distance', 'Ghost In The Attic' or 'Clouds'. Really though, just stick the whole album on. It deserves to be heard in full and will struggle not to impress the socks of you.

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