Monday, 8 April 2013

Dizraeli and the Small Gods - Million Miles

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Sometimes in life you meet people who are a little bit more hip-what? than hip-hop. When they hear the word “rapper”, they stick a “w” in front of it and then start fantasizing about chocolate bars. There's a hugely off-putting stereotype smack on the forehead of the hip-hop/rap culture, for the most part, formed in the image of the mainstream, overrated artist themselves, and we don’t feature them on this site. The lyrics are often soulless, superficial, materialistic, misogynistic, and derogatory. Like most things in life though, to judge something wholly by a preconceived notion of what you already expect it to be like, may make you miss out on something special. Like Dizraeli and the Small Gods for example.

In 2009 rapper, singer and poet Dizraeli teamed up with six talented musicians (the Small Gods) forming a seven-piece band who, in merging folk with hip hop, have created a bizarrely eclectic yet workable and well needed shift within the musical spectrum. 'Million Miles' is an intense and unique track that tells the story of a couple who find love amongst chaos and conflict. With blistering female vocals, fierce viola and a clear, mature lyrical flow that is just as chaotic as the story being told, it's a bit of a weird one to explain any further. So I'll leave it short and sweet and let you check out its surreal brilliance yourself.

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