Friday 17 February 2012

Yeti Lane - Sparkling Sunbeam

Single review by KevW

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From the first few cursory listens and reports from elsewhere in the music world, the early signs are that the second album from French duo Yeti Lane might just be a little bit on the bloody brilliant side. Could we be looking at the next band to make the transition from lovable indie curiosity to critically acclaimed heroes (see also Animal Collective, The Horrors and Beach House), or will the buzz amount to little more than a month or two of feverish media activity while the record buying public barely give it a second look?

Personally, I'd stick a fiver on 'The Echo Show' making an appearance in a few end of year lists. Since dropping first track and free download 'Analogue Wheel' a few weeks back it was clear that the pair had taken a leap forward, from writing pop songs about lonely tortoises to crafting a barnstorming Krautrock/electro-shoegaze monster. No laurels are being rested upon, these guys are challenging themselves.

First single proper, 'Sparkling Sunbeam', is a more sedate affair, layers of sound built upon 70s electronic pulses and spidery guitar. It's not the all-guns-blazing attack that some of the album's other songs could have provided, but it's sure as hell a great track, and if you can imagine some kind of collaboration between the aforementioned Animal Collective, The Horrors and Beach House then you'll get a pretty good idea what we're dealing with. 2012 could well be their year.

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