Thursday 23 February 2012

Shearwater - Breaking The Yearlings

Single review by KevW

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It seems a strange move for Austin's ornithology-based indie-rockers Shearwater to mark the release of their new album 'Animal Joy' by picking 'Breaking The Yearlings' as its lead track. This is by no means a bad song, in fact it's quite the opposite, bringing with it an urgency that's been rare on their recordings so far. The jerky rhythm and thundering drums certainly add a sense of occasion, and that, surely, is the reason for pushing this song above others. They may also be taking this as an opportunity to send a message to detractors who've previously (and wrongly) described them as dull.

As decent as 'Breaking The Yearlings' is, it's slightly misleading. In shunning the rich tapestry they've woven on other tracks on the album (try 'You As You Were' or 'Animal Life' as prime examples) there's a slight sense that they've sold themselves short. Elsewhere things are allowed to soar as majestically as their name implies, giving a far greater sense of beauty. Get this single, it's enjoyable and it's free to download, but don't judge their latest full-length on the strength of this one track. If you dig a little deeper into 'Animal Joy' you'll reap far more satisfying rewards.

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