Saturday 25 February 2012

Dead Mellotron - Stranger

Single review by KevW

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This side of the Atlantic, unless your finger is so firmly on the pulse of new music that it's practically breaking its wrist, it's unlikely that Dead Mellotron will be a name you're overly familiar with. And this is despite the fact that the trio have already self-released two albums worth of material. The shortage of publicity and web presence have meant that the scuzzy Baltimore revivalists have remained resolutely under the radar. That is until they were hunted down by shoegaze sniffer dogs Sonic Cathedral who will be putting out new album 'Glitter' in May - and even their press release contains the line "I don't really know anything about them".

Still, a little mystery can often enhance a band's appeal, although on the strength of new single 'Stranger' no further augmentation is needed. At under three minutes long, this track feels truncated in comparison to others who ply their trade in similar sonic territories, and this teasing glimpse succeeds in whetting the appetite for more, like an effects pedal starter before a banquet of (what I expect to be) more blissful distortion and atmospherics when the album drops. You generally have a fair idea of what to expect from a band on Sonic Cathedral's roster, and a quick browse through Dead Mellotron's previous work confirms that comparisons will be drawn to My Bloody Valentine, Chapterhouse and so on (they even have a song called '1993') but if this new track is anything to go by then 'Glitter' is an apt name for the album. There's plenty of sparkle amongst this fuzz.

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