Saturday 11 February 2012

Five For Free #52

Woodsman - In Circles

Some swirling Krautrock to kick things off from Denver based quartet Woodsman. Their dual drums and guitar onslaught is like a double Black Keys shrouded in smoke and with a psychedelic light show blurring the reality even more. The laid-back, hypnotic 'In Circles' is taken from their recent EP 'Mystic Places' which was released in the autumn.

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Silver Swans - Let It Happen

On a slightly different note, San Franciscan duo Silver Swans bare a passing resemblance to enigmatic Swedish duo jj and share their mix of 80s textures updated to create a modern sound. If you want to tag it then call it synth-pop or chillwave. It matters little. The blissed out 'Let It Happen' is taken from their album 'Forever' which is out now.

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The Pharmacy - Dig Your Grave

We're pretty sure that Seattle band The Pharmacy are nothing to do with Ted Leo's band of the same name, yet both are fine proponents of modern day garage-punk. 'Dig Your Grave' has guitars that are both rugged and jangly, a touch of organ and more than a hint of early Strokes in its delivery which makes the whole thing fairly accessible yet still edgy.

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Tom Williams & The Boat - My Bones

Tunbridge Wells isn't exactly known for its rock 'n' roll heritage, but that's where Tom Williams & The Boat call home and the six-piece could well end up putting themselves on the map with a sound that has the capabilities to reach beyond a niche market and enough of an alternative feel to prevent any snobbish dismissing. New track 'My Bones' is yours for an email address.

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Pictureplane - Post Physical

Travis Egedy has been making music as Pictureplane for several years now and released new album 'Thee Physical' in the summer. This track lifted from it is a curious blend of dreampop, electronica, shoegaze, chillwave and beats that make up the excellent 'Post Physical'. He's making the track available for free, so pick it up below.

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