Tuesday 14 February 2012

Capitals - Jealousy/Sinking Ships

Single review by KevW

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This double a-side digital single (can a digital single have 'sides'?) may be the first release from Edinburgh duo Capitals (barring a couple of free downloads last year) but both members have a notable musical pedigree with spells in/working with The Cinematics, Theatre Fall, Araya and Benbecula Records. This is most likely the reason that these two tracks feel confident and assured rather than a cautious first outing to test the water. Capitals seem to have a defined direction they want their music to take: the not uncharted territory of edgy electro-indie with a punch. The style itself may not break new ground, but the punch should at least dent it.

'Jealousy' is taut and lean with guts and bite, the persistent beats and slight whiff of bile in the sharp lyrics are offset with melody, and if you were to strip the layers away to the carcass of vocals and guitar it would work equally as well in the buff - a sure-fire sign of a good tune. 'Sinking Ships' is stylistically not far from its partner, although it adopts a colder, bleaker outlook with jagged beats and slows the pace a touch, it's a song that also has simple guitar and melody as the skeleton upon which the rest is fleshed out. Despite the blanket of additional sounds, these two tracks are both fairly minimal, almost industrial, and if you study their genealogy you'd most likely find they're, at least in part, descended from early European proponents of stark electronica. It's not a bad family tree to be a part of.

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