Wednesday 15 February 2012

Five For Free #53

Digital Leather - Young Doctors In Love

Omaha's Digital Leather is essentially the work of Shawn Foree and he releases a new album (his first for nearly three years) this week entitled 'Modern Problems'. His sound has been described as 'synth-punk' but it's more in the spirit of traditional garage (all recorded on tape, no GarageBand round here) and 'Young Doctors In Love' is bursty with gutsy, fuzzy, organic energy.

Free download: 'Young Doctors In Love'

Digital Leather's website

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Alex Winston - Fire Ant

2012 will be the year to decide who wins our Winston vs Yadi chart battle, and taking an early lead is Alex Winston who has her long awaited debut album set for release in a few weeks. Taken from it is this countryish, indieish, poppish tune with her distinctive vocals and usual quirks. Grab 'Fire Ant' free below. As for Yadi... *tumbleweed blows past*.

Alex Winston's website

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Stars In Coma - Paint My Picture On The Think Shell

It's about time we had some more Swedish indie/pop, so here's the new single from Malmo's Stars In Coma who are letting us have their latest offering 'Paint My Picture On The Thick Shell' for free. It's a mash of styles from acoustic guitars, to marimbas, to trip hop beats and more. This track is taken from their forthcoming album 'Midnight Puzzle' which is out at the end of April.

Stars In Coma's website

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The Minutes - Secret History

Tackling the recent influx of US garage rock bands head on are Irish trio The Minutes (they've actually been recording in New York but we'll ignore that). Their debut EP is out this week and this full throttle rock 'n' roll surge is as visceral as anything you're likely to hear that hasn't come from a Jim Jones Revue record. 'Secret History' is well under two minutes long, but a hell of a lot of fun.

The Minutes' website

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The Rosie Taylor Project - The Last Happy Writer

Picking up some glowing reviews recently are London band The Rosie Taylor Project whose new album 'Twin Beds' is out this week. Get a little taster of what to expect by downloading free track 'The Last Happy Writer' which blends English folk with Americana and maudlin British indie. Subtle, sedate, sweet and quietly superb.

The Rosie Taylor Project's website

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