Saturday 10 December 2011

Meg Baird - Babyon

Single review by KevW

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Meg Baird - Babyon

Espers frontwoman Meg Baird's second solo album 'Seasons On Earth' was, fittingly, released at the beginning of Autumn. Its organic, rustic nature is perfectly suited to nights drawing in and leaves turning yellow, and new download-only single 'Babyon' is the kind of crystal clear, gently plucked folk that's built to soundtrack cosy nights by the fireside, a glass of your favourite tipple in hand with "golden company".

This is surely a track that will go down well with the beards and knitwear brigade but should also appeal to the Laura Marling generation. Depending on your stance towards this sort of gentle, pastoral acoustics you'll either find 'Babyon' utterly spellbinding or be bored to tears. But no matter which side of the fence you choose to reside, there's no denying the beauty in Meg's captivating vocal. A lovely winter warmer.

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