Friday 9 December 2011

Johnny Throttle - Johnny Throttle

Album review by KevW

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As well as possessing a name that evokes the spirit of '77, Johnny Throttle's sound has its roots firmly planted in the British punk explosion. So if we throw in names like The Buzzcocks, Slaughter & The Dogs and The Damned then you'll begin to build a picture of where they're coming from. Formed in 2008 by former Parkinsons man Alfonso Pinto, they've so far released a couple of snotty, shouty 45s and now offer us their debut full-length.

'Johnny Throttle' is a 100mph blitzkrieg through a dozen tracks that barely get close to the three minute mark. There's not an ounce of fat to be found; these songs are short, sharp and to the point, hardly even pausing for breath. The real strength of this album is that it doesn't rely on studied cool, sounding natural rather than contrived. The abrasive riffs and angry, bellowing vocals occasionally recalling a young, hungry Paul Weller (most notably on 'Waking Up Alone') are difficult to replicate without real passion and desire.

Being a year-zero punk record there is the odd juvenile moment or two; try the questionably titled 'Love Me Till I Come' and the distinctly un-PC 'Spazztastic' ("It must be fantastic/to be such a spastic") but on the whole this is an explosion of heavyweight, primal energy which gives the impression of being best consumed in the live arena, with blood, sweat and spit included. Not one for the faint hearted.

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