Saturday 3 December 2011

Five For Free #35

Dan Mangan - Post-War Blues

Canadian alternative folk-rock singer Dan Mangan veers more towards the rock side of things on this track from his recently released new album 'Oh Fortune'. 'Post-War Blues' tackles every protest singer's favourite subject but broaches it in a less ham-fisted way than many lesser artists. "Let's start a war for the kids, a purpose for which to unite..."

Dan Mangan - Post-War Blues by cityslang

Dan Mangan's website

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Snowmine - Curfews

This is a brand new track from Brooklyn five-piece Snowmine and follows on from their latest album 'Laminate Pet Animal' which was released in the summer. 'Curfews' was recorded as part of the Shaking Through series which follows artists working in the studio. It's beautiful, harmonious, atmospheric indie-rock that's deserving of the wider audience the band are beginning to attract.

Snowmine - Curfews by wvmusic

Snowmine's website

Devin - You're Mine 

Singer-songwriter Devin is also based in New York and has recently released his debut EP 'You're Mine' on FrenchKiss Records, which is bringing a fair bit of hype his way. His raw garage-punk is worthy of the press excitement, coming over like a rougher take on The Strokes at their blistering best. You can pick up the EP's title track by clicking the arrow below.

Devin Therriault - You're Mine by NickLaw

Devin's website

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Yellow Ostrich - Mary (Alternate)

No Big Apple special was planned here, but Yellow Ostrich are a trio currently based in New York and they make Americana that's not too far away from the kind produced by Fleet Foxes. The gorgeous 'Mary' was released as a 7" single earlier in the year and this alternate version is a beautiful and sparse way to round off their debut album 'The Mistress'.

Free download: Mary (Alternate)

Yellow Ostrich's website

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The Dodos - So Cold

Over on the other side of the States, The Dodos have been making indie-folk-rock for several years now and released their most recent album 'No Color' earlier this year. Free download 'So Cold' is previously unreleased but easily good enough to appear on any of their records with it's clattering beat and jagged electric guitars underpinning their trademark harmonies.

The Dodos' website

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