Friday 2 December 2011

Little Racer - Split For The Coast/The Town

Single review by KevW

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In the past few years Brooklyn has produced a wealth of superb alternative rock and pop bands, a list that could arguably rival the borough's 70s output. We were very excited when we heard Little Racer's free download track a few weeks ago, and now we get the trio's debut single. Does it live up to expectations? Just about. The two tracks here require at little more work for the listener, being less immediate and catchy, with a few plays though, it becomes evident that they're worth the money.

'Split For The Coast' actually feels as though it was made on the other side of the US, with it's sunny west-coast vocals and chiming guitars. It's more Beach Boys than CBGB's and would be better suited to soundtracking the summer rather than the lead up to the wintry festivities ahead. 'The Town' too is rosy and bright with its talk of cheery groves and walking through hills. The sparkly instrumentation and fantasy lyrics are quite enchanting and bring a sense of escapism. Looks like Brooklyn's done the business once more.

Little Racer - Split For The Coast by Theo PR

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