Wednesday 21 December 2011

Five For Free #40

Today 'Five For Free' is going all Never Mind The Buzzcocks and replacing its tried and tested, much loved, regular presenter, with a less than capable guest host....which is me. Best just to get it over with.


Mozart Parties - Memory Thunderstorm

Leading us off in the free stuff stakes, is one Mr James Bennett, currently better known to the world as Mozart Parties. The singer and bedroom producer was recently described as creating a ‘duvet of sound’ but we prefer our own much more erudite description - he’ll make you shuffle to his muffled kerfuffles. Following on from his excellent 'Black Cloud' single, you can now pick up his new four track ‘Memory Thunderstorm EP’ over on The Facebook, as long as you tell him that he is ‘liked’

Memory Thunderstorm - Mozart Parties by Foundofconfusion

Mozart Parties Facebook

Troumaca - Paradise/ The Gems EP

Who's waiting behind door number two? It's Birmingham's dub and tropical pop purveyors Troumaca! They're well and truly feeling the spirit of giving that's in the air, and being doubly good to us new music seekers. Not only can you get their recently released three song ‘Gems EP’ for free from their website, but you can also download their high quality ‘Paradise’ demo with just a little click of the black arrow below; generous or what!

Paradise (Demo) by TROUMACA

Troumaca Website

Pet - Middle Child Syndrome

Earlier this month Kev introduced you to a band by the name of The Machine Room, but they're not the only musical talent to be found walking the corridors of Edinburgh's College Of Art - it's also home to Pet. Their Middle Child Syndrome EP is available as a 'name your price' download over on Bandcamp (and if that price happens to be nothing then so be it!) The lead track is a moodier take on sixties Beatles and Beach Boys psychedelia, while the b-side is an intriguing bit of middle eastern tinged electro - all in all, well worth investigating.

Pet - Middle Child Syndrome by creamteam

Pet Bandcamp

Peppercorn - Wasted Summer

We do try our best to keep our nose to the ground, ear to the grindstone, and our finger atop the pulsing eye on the ball, but very occasionally something good casually slips by unnoticed - but never let it be said that we're too proud to drag it back for you at a later date! 'Wasted Summer' is a five track EP from earlier this year, that can be obtained for no cost at the Bandcamp page of Sydney based indie rockers Peppercorn. If you enjoy the sunny, melodic side of The Vines, then this is one you should explore.

Peppercorn - Wasted Summer - 02 Dreaming by FasterLouder

Peppercorn  Bandcamp

Lion And The Lotus - We Could Be The Fire

We're staying in Sydney for the final free track, which this time comes from a duo by the name of Lion And The Lotus. 'We Could Be The Fire' is electronic pop that's not a million miles in style from Keep Shelly In Athens or Saint Etienne. Whether they have more up their sleeve remains to be seen, but as a starting point this track shows promise - grab it via Bandcamp and make your own mind up.

We Could Be The Fire by Lion & the Lotus

Lion And The Lotus Bandcamp


I make that five, so now I can be on my way, and you'll be relieved to know your normal host will be back next time with more great gratis tunes.

MERRY CHRISTMAS 'Sound Of' readers, hope it's good to you.

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