Monday, 3 February 2014

Towns - Young at Heart

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I may of been going on about this for a while now, but there is something bloody good stirring in the musical waters around here in not so sunny Bristol. There is a seemingly endless pool of near amazing bands and artists that are apparently emerging from the primordial sludge of the Feeder-weaned-on-Natch-and-Pieminster pies to arrive fully-formed and bloody brilliant. Spearheading this (re-)evolution is local label Howlin Owl Records. They already have an enviable line-up that includes Oliver Wilde, Spectres and more (that you should check out now). And so here we find the irresistible and delectable Towns.

Wickedly fuzz-drenched shimmering guitars sparkle over a beat as infectious as pigeon-zombie flu and you are hooked in before you have exhaled. With the next breath you are dancing like Big Jeff on steroids. I would warn not to play this in the car, for it will have you driving more frenetically than a Stokes Croft hippie stuck in a Tesco express. But the not-so-quiet secrets of 'Young at Heart' are the devilishly perfect harmonies and "woos" that add that final touch of beat-pop perfection, and leave you coated in something golden and warm. They give 'Young at Heart' a touch of pop classicism while being tied deeply to the right now. It all spins and climaxes you out with a dazzle of a scything sounds that, not so quietly, blow your mind like a snog on the night bus with a girl who whispers her name is Vickie while using her tongue stud in unimaginable ways. Good times.

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Catch them live:

FRI 07 FEB Start The Bus, Bristol, UK
SAT 08 FEB The Old Blue Last, London, UK
SUN 23 FEB The Lexington, London, UK
THU 27 MAR The Horn, St. Albans, UK

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