Monday, 3 February 2014

Sankofa - Guttermouth

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With 'Guttermouth', Liverpool's Sankofa will lazer your eyebrows off with sonic solar bursts while laying waste to your speakers as you are taken through a landscape that was last lit so brightly by the Verve and Spaceman 3. With 'Guttermouth' you have to wonder if this is the sound that Gallagher Snr. has in his head, but never quite gives us (he almost delivered it with 'Tail Gunner' and 'Fucking in the Bushes'). A low rumble and flashes of feedback coated in shimmering sounds beckons you in, then, like being hit with a brick wrapped in something dark green and lysergic, 'Guttermouth' simply supernovas across your cortex.

The guitars are kaleidoscopic monoliths of stratospheric, statuesque sound, with Bonham-sized totems underpinning it all. Then with vocalist Stephen Wells, Sankofa give us the final magical ingredient Wells is blessed with one of those natural sets of raw, visceral, yet huge and melodic pipes that only a few are blessed with and it sits him in a linage of Morrison and Marriott to Ashcroft, Gallagher through to Howlin' Rain's Ethan Miller. The only drawback with 'Guttermouth' is that is feels too short, you want it to really stretch out and take you on a ten minute ride. Then when it is this good, that is only a minor quibble. The album is due in a few months, if 'Guttermouth' is an indicator then it will be in many best of the year lists in those next set of cold winter nights.

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