Wednesday 19 February 2014

Cumbres Carrascosa - Nevertheless Introductory

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It's not that common for a single (traditionally consisting of two or three tracks) to bear a name that doesn't correspond to any of the songs included therein, but with 'Nevertheless Introductory' I think we can just about work out why. This is the wider world's introduction to the work of Cumbres Carrascosa, the solo project of Miguel Cámara from The Canary islands - which I think is a first for us. Where the "nevertheless" comes into play we're not sure, but it matters little. Having put these two songs out on French label Beko Disques, work is now underway on releasing a full album in the coming months. After giving these sounds the once over it's shaping up to be an interesting record, and perhaps one that's difficult to categorise.

There's a slight home-made quality to these recordings, but that's perhaps to be expected and actually makes them more personal, not an easy thing to do with otherworldly electronic music. First up is 'Warm' which uses plenty of the same sounds that the analogue pioneers used many moons ago, right down to the hissing synths and slightly tinny beats. It feels like a throwback for sure, but not in a bad way. The near monotone delivery is also reminiscent of that era, but this is a soft song, somewhere between retro electronic, chillwave and dreampop. The guitar solo adds a nice element of contrast. 'A Lot Less' serves up bigger, reverberating beats and a darker sound in general. It could almost be a lost Suicide recording that never quite got given the bite of their early work, although it actually works well as it is with these hazy and drifting vocals. Not groundbreaking, but a nice introduction nevertheless.

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