Monday, 3 February 2014

Secret Company - Saviour

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One trait we've noticed this year is that the transition from bands forming to releasing their first records (and we mean proper recordings, not scratchy demos) has been remarkably short. Whether this is down to different and simpler technology, a host of bands forming from the ashes of previous outfits and therefore having the experience already, or just plain old press hype/lying we can't be sure. Probably a mixture. We're told South-Easterners Secret Company formed at the beginning if the 2012, this track, 'Saviour', was first uploaded to Bandcamp in June that year and their debut EP, lead by this song, was released late that year. Not bad going for twelve months together, and all the pieces seem to fit nicely.

Until you look at their Facebook page and it tells you they were founded in January 2011. A fib or just a mistake? You decide, essentially it doesn't matter one tiny bit. It'll be their songs they're judged on, not how quickly their ascent has been. Still, now having had time to build a bigger fan base and perfect their sound that bit more, 'Saviour' is with us again in a shiny new form thanks to the help of James Yuill and will be their first official single. It's a very good indie/pop song with enough about it to span genres and pick up fans in many quarters of the music world. Really this is a pop song disguised as something more credible, and it works wonderfully. Enough authenticity for the indie crowd and enough of a hook for the pop watchers. Now I'm a heterosexual male, so may be wrong here, but the singer looks like a rather dashing young man, and that shouldn't harm their cause at all.

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