Thursday, 12 September 2013

Mark Lanegan - I'm Not The Loving Kind

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With Mark Lanegan you'll be expecting something bluesy, dirty, gruff and that sounds as though it lives on a diet of whiskey and cigarettes. You'll be expecting comparisons to Tom Waits, maybe to the king of misery Leonard Cohen and probably Nick Cave too. These are all automated responses that pepper reviews every single time the former Screaming Tree puts out a new record. Next week will see his latest effort, 'Imitations', hit the shops, and everything described above will no doubt be included. With longevity like this you can';t simply repeat the same tricks, however good they are. We don't feature covers as a rule, but this adaption of the John Cale song is too good to pass on.

'I'm Not The Loving Kind' is a surprise. It's a welcome surprise, in fact it's one of the best songs the man, in an of his bands, has ever produced. You could call this a country ballad, and that description would fit, but it doesn't really do justice to such a beautiful song. Yes, it is an alt-country song, and yes, those battered guitars and vocal chords are given a well-earned rest, but forget genres. 'I'm Not The Loving Kind', whichever way you tag it, is a beautiful piece. It recalls certain Neil Young, it recalls Dion's Phil Spector produced '70s work and it recalls any classic, credible songwriter that you care to think of. This is wonderful, and totally timeless.

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Oct 04 Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
Oct 07 Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR
Oct 08 Neptune, Seattle, WA
Oct 10 Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL
Oct 11 Royale Boston, Boston, MA
Oct 12 Underground Arts, Philadelphia, PA
Oct 14 Sixth & I Historic Synagogue, Washington, DC
Oct 15 Gramercy Theatre, New York, NY
Oct 19 Akzent Theatre, Vienna, Austria
Oct 20 Posthof, Linz, Austria
Oct 22 Cinema Dom Omladine, Belgrade, Rs
Oct 23 Kino SC, Zagreb, Croatia
Oct 25 Passionkirche, Berlin, Germany
Oct 27 Södra Teatern, Stockholm, Sweden
Oct 28 Radiohuset, Copenhagen, Denmark
Oct 30 Flagey, Brussels, Belgium
Nov 01 St. George's Church, Brighton, UK
Nov 03 College of Music, Leeds, UK
Nov 04 Queen's Hall, Edinburgh, UK
Nov 05 Sugar Club, Dublin, Ireland
Nov 07 Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, UK
Nov 08 Union Chapel, London, UK
Nov 10 Duif, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 11 Kulturkirche, Cologne, Germany
Nov 12 Mojo, Hamburg, Germany
Nov 13 3 Night in Heaven, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Nov 15 Alhambra, Paris, France
Nov 16 Kaufleuten, Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 17 THEATRE DE L'OCTOGONE, Pully, Switzerland
Nov 18 Teatro Duse, Bologna, Italy
Nov 19 Teatro Corso, Venice, Italy
Nov 21 La Paloma, Nimes, France
Nov 24 Teatro Niemeyer, Aviles, Spain
Nov 25 Teatro Barts, Barcelona, Spain
Nov 26 Teatro Nuevo Apolo, Madrid, Spain

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