Sunday, 1 September 2013

GRMLN - Do You Know How It Feels?

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Name spelt in capital letters and with vowels removed? GRMLN couldn't be more *now* if he started talking about Gareth Bale's transfer fee and whether or not it was the Syrian government or rebels who used sarin. GRMLN's real name is Yoodoo Park who's a Japanese-born Californian and released his album 'Empire' earlier in the summer. It could be another one of those wish-we'd-known-about-it-at-the-time affairs, and some backtracking will certainly be done after hearing his new single 'Do You Know How It Feels?'.

You might be thinking singer-songwriter type sounds as he's a solo artist, although the artwork paints a different picture. Want a label? Take your pick from indie, punk or powerpop. All three are good fits. This song careers along at a frenetic pace with the sound of a guitar being a permenant fixture, but it's not a noise for the sake of noise type tune. There's a heap of melody here, and the production doesn't try and make the song sound overly lo-fi or cool. It's cool enough just being a killer tune. The term pop-punk probably conjures up images of some pretty appalling acts, but maybe GRMLN can restore some credibility.

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