Sunday, 1 September 2013

Gran - Brain Freeze

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A word of warning: if you've just consumed loads of drugs then avoid watching this video. Actually, on second thoughts, do watch it. It's perhaps the only circumstances in which it would make sense. Either that or drive you insane. Also, despite them being called Gran, you might want to avoid showing this to any elderly people who aren't either incredibly liberally-minded or actually round the bend themselves. But enough about the visuals, is 'Brain Freeze' by Austrian band Gran any good to listen to?

Yeah, it certainly is. Describing it is a different matter. Released 30 years ago this would surely be a post-punk classic by now. An inventive and individual milestone for the genre. Even in the present day it sounds fresh, even though it takes influence from the past. It's also like some kind of mutant disco tune that's been smashed into a load of sharp pieces and then rearranged until a song of some sort is formed. As well as that, it would have fitted in nicely with the brief electroclash movement. Whatever, it's great to find bands doing what the heck they want with their music, not to mention their videos.

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