Sunday, 1 September 2013

Flash Pan Hunter - Overcome Love With The Devil

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There can be few better places in the UK to be making music right now than Brighton; it has several scenes that seem to be thriving. Clark Gregg, AKA Flash Pan Hunter, as many will have guessed by his chosen moniker, is a huge Tom Waits fan ('Flash Pan Hunter' being a Waits song title), so his taste isn't bad either. Following 'Quiz Show', this is the second single from his debut album 'Quick Way To Enemy'. With a clear artistic reference, you may be expecting gruff vocals and perhaps the odd bit of misery. Well, the spectre of Mr. Waits does hang over these two tracks, but not in that way

If we quote the blurb, 'Overcome Love With The Devil' "pays homage to and transcends the boho-blues of his hero". There are musical similarities to certain Waits material, but given his diversity this is maybe not unexpected. The song has a breezy and old-fashioned swing to it, touching upon jazz more than the psychedelia it's billed as, but it's a fine track and a welcome diversion from the dearth of sound-alike artists doing the rounds. B-side 'Mountains And Molehills' maintains that boho vibe, but it's paired-down (barring a scorching solo) and darker, with talk of witches and falling down wells. It's another unique and well thought out song from an interesting new artist.

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