Monday, 8 July 2013

Whale Belly - Water Voices

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At first this new single from Whale Belly doesn't seem to be anything to write home about, but that soon changes. The Brooklyn quartet describe themselves as a folk group for some reason, and while there may be that influence in their sound they also incorporate Americana, indie, rock and even baroque aspects. Their second album 'I Was Once A Bird' is out in the autumn and 'Water Voices' is another one of those songs that takes you on a little musical adventure, not staying in one place too long, consisting of different sections but all fitting smoothly together.

After the slow but nice enough start, the song starts to grow. After a minute or so you're predicting the steady build as more voices join in and gradually other sounds appear, as if on the verge of an explosion of sound, but the band have other ideas. Yes you get that build-up, but then it switches to a sharp high-hat beat that changes pace, and then a rumbling, almost choral section. They're not done yet, so the track slows for some picked guitar and a more rootsy feel and then shifts back to how it was before. There are plenty of bands who would have created three so-so songs out of the ideas here, but Whale Belly have made the wise choice of making one good song instead.

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