Monday, 8 July 2013

Blue & Gold - It's Only You

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Following up their impressive debut single 'Ghost Man', Brooklyn trio Blue & Gold unleash a monster of a second track. We knew from the first effort that they liked guitar, and lots of it, and that fact is reinforced tenfold here. It almost feels like the band are attempting to claw guitar-heavy blues-rock back from the pub bands who've spent decades destroying it by "really digging Eric Clapton", only after he stopped making decent records. The fretboard became something for egotistic, wannabee stars to indulge themselves with. Recent blues-rock like that of The White Stripes for example, has focused on a more stripped back, song-based approach.

'It's Only You' starts in classic, plodding blues fashion with a great vocal, and although good, you're perhaps not expecting much. Well you'd be wrong. The voice intensifies and then the scorching guitar kicks in and the drums begin to rattle that bit more loudly. A second guitar jumps in and the song swells further until we reach a solo that's closer to Neil Young than to your mate who can play the whole of 'Freebird'. It's intense, loud, raw, primal, full of soul and pretty flipping epic. Basically it's everything that blues-rock should be. May others follow in their footsteps.

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Pianos NYC Wed July 17 at 8:30pm in EDT, New York

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