Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Tirana - Talea

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You might know Veronika Eberhats as one third of Austrian group Plaided, but she also has a solo project under the name of Tirana and has released a few tracks under this guise dating back to 2011. Her work hasn't gone unnoticed though, and she's been lucky enough to collaborate with Daniel Johnston and A Thousand Fuegos amongst others. Her latest task was to provide songs for the movie 'Talea' and two of them have been released on this single which is named after the movie in question, and two very different songs they are. So it shows that diversity isn't something Tirana is afraid of.

The most instant of these two tracks will undoubtedly be 'Ready To Go' which features Mile Me Deaf. It's a song with a new-wave feel to it and fits in nicely with the current electro-pop craze, but could never really be confused with the chart stars; it's too classy for that. Mixing in the sounds of post-punk and indie, it becomes a quite potent and rich mix of sounds. The song 'Talea' is an altogether different sounding piece. With a slow, dubby beat and reverberating guitar, 'Talea' glides along slowly rather than hurtling headlong like the track that preceded it, so this could easily be described as a dreampop track. It certainly has a more atmospheric feel and a more cinematic sound, I don't know what the film's like, but the soundtrack is beginning to look good.

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12. September, Gartenbau Kino Wien - Kino Start Talea
21. September, Fettkakao Party, Röda, Steyr

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