Wednesday, 10 July 2013

This Much - Decision/Spiral

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It's been a while since the debut release from Boston's This Much, but as they only formed lat year we'll let them off the six month wait. It sounds like it's been worth it at least, so we can't really argue. Their second offering is another two free tracks of nicely made indie-folk that's recorded in a pretty much flawless way. 'Spiral' is maybe the darker of the two, talking about monsters and anger, but they know how to create an atmosphere and also make it sound a bit like something by Simon & Garfunkel which is no bad thing at all. Plus their brand of acoustic shenanigans is much fuller in sound and has a better timbre than most.

The best of the pair is 'Decision', although it's a close call. It begins in a lightly plodding manner which at first doesn't seem overly inviting but soon reels you in. Once the vocals and the occasionally booming drums kick in the song gets a lift. Suddenly that plodding along feels more like gently floating along in the sun, all laid-back and loose. That's four decent tunes that This Much have provided us with now, so we're beginning to wonder how many more they have in the can and whether or not we'll see an album any time soon. It would certainly be something we'd welcome.

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