Sunday 14 July 2013

The Microdance - Yo Yo at 26

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What we've seen recently is guitar bands in Britain diversifying, as the old guard slip away and some kind of new order is attempting to be established. Aside from a few of the big names, rock and indie aren't in fashion, and although there are still a ton of bands out there trying to sound like The Libertines and Arctic Monkeys and there are still a few bands peddling northern lad-rock, both scenes are looking increasingly desperate and yielding diminishing returns. And so until a new scene is established (or made up by the press) the bands most worth watching are the ones trying something different. Favourites so far this year include Peace, Swim Deep, Temples and Sulk. We can probably add The Microdance to that list.

Their current single 'Yo Yo at 26' does what all of the above are doing; it takes past sounds and either reinvents them or twists them into more modern shapes. 'Yo Yo at 26' is a fierce track. The guitars are allowed to rule but they're not attempting to emulate others who've had success; the vocals have guts and passion and the chorus is big and bold. In short, it's a very good tune, both edgy and with a broad appeal. Backing it is 'Devour', another attempt at refreshing the band format and another successful one. Beginning like a shoegaze/dreampop track and growing into a pounding and moody beast with an epic feel. We're gradually seeing that British guitar music is in safe hands again.

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