Sunday, 14 July 2013

Earthling Brains - You've Got Nothing Left To Get Off Your Chest

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Earthling Brains seems like a very unusual concept. The project of Joe Besford, this is first and foremost a twice-weekly comic strip, but is an indiepop band on the side. We were just talking about bands diversifying, but this is taking it to a whole different level. With the first album 'I'll Leave A Light On For You' released in June, the band aspect of Earthling Brains properly got of the ground. The record was made in a North London flat with the help of a few friends, and this stunning single is being used to promote the album, with accompanying comic strip and video of course.

It's perhaps not surprising that the music is as good as it is, as Joe was formerly a member of the excellent DIY indie band No Colour, but 'You've Got Nothing Left To Get Off Your Chest' is a match for anything we've heard from him previously. We can include some bias here, as the song is a combination of many things this site was built upon: shoegaze, indiepop, beautiful melodies, warm, fuzzy production and a dreamy, timeless quality that requires not only a good knowledge of sound but a high standard of songwriting to go with it. It's one to have on repeat for sure.

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