Thursday 4 July 2013

New Desert Blues - Adam

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This isn't the first cryptic, cinematic video we've seen this year, so maybe there's a trend developing. If you can figure out exactly what the plot is or what it means then please let us know. We can't quite crack the puzzle. The desert setting and the movie-style direction provide the perfect partner for this new single from New Desert Blues, a band who, despite their name and the setting of the film are actually from the south of England. Their sound though, is expansive alternative rock that comes with a certain air of elegant majesty. It's big, it's grand, but it's not pretentious or over-produced.

'Adam' is another one of those that would be a top 10 hit in a parallel universe. New Desert Blues show ambition and ability but they carry both with ease and understanding. There's almost a Spectorish quality to the production; drums crash and boom, guitars fill every inch of the chorus with a shimmering, reverberating twang. The vocals are tasteful; how easy it would have been to slide into the kind of chest-beating delivery that Bono prefers to use, ruining everything. 'Adam' is a bold statement from a band who will surely use this as a stepping-stone to gain greater momentum. We give it until the autumn for the hype to hit.

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FRI 05 JUL The Registry, Portsmouth, UK
SAT 13 JUL Lennons, Southampton, UK
WED 25 SEP  Reeperbahn Festival 2013, Hamburg, Germany

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