Sunday, 14 July 2013

Long-Sam - A Distant Breakthrough/Blocks

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He's not the only one at it, but Long-Sam has come up with some top-of-the-range retro electronica here. The Finnish artist, producer and musician has been in bands and also done plenty of collaborative work in the past, so he knows he way around the equipment. In fact he may know more than many people, as one of his bands, Yon Syke, perform house and techno music using "old Soviet instruments", and we're not even sure what those could be. Here though, Long-Sam is giving away two solo tracks as a free download and they'll be sure to resonate with anyone who appreciates the work of Silver Apples, Neu!, Kraftwerk and so on.

It's probably 'A Distant Breakthrough' that echoes these pioneers the closest; it could easily have come from that era and most of the instruments used in its creation sound like old, analogue machines. Whether they are or not is for him to know, but it doesn't matter so long as the song is good, and it most definitely is. Longer and more ambient is 'Blocks', a repetitive slow-burner that again uses retro effects and despite the extended intro becomes a little hypnotic as it develops. There's something about 'Blocks' that sounds, cosmic, like something from the space-age. If you think about it, the real space age, when men left the earth's orbit, was between 1969 and 1972, and it's that period that many of the instruments used on these tracks were being invented, so it all ties in rather nicely.

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July 20th, ILMIÖ, Turku, Finland

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