Sunday, 14 July 2013

Higamos Hogamos - Fuzzy Majesty

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The musical adventures of Steve Webster have had as many turns as Keith Floyd's corkscrew, from experimental indie-rock to electro-pop to retro electronica and beyond. The latest release by his Higamos Hogamos project takes all of these and throws them all onto a piece of tape at once, ending up with something that sounds like the culmination of many years of sonic exploration. The new EP is called 'Inwards Empire', and in 'Fuzzy Majesty' he may well have come up with one of the most interesting tracks he's made under this guise.

It would probably be easier to tell you what isn't included in this song (vocals), but we're up for a challenge. Firstly this has a big beat, and one that sounds as though it's from a real drum kit as opposed to anything electronic, but there are of course electronics involved here. Vintage-sounding synths mix in with loads of guitar that runs through this track and more percussion (possibly including handclaps) are piled on top of each other. Then the synths get louder and more layered as the soloing guitar takes up the role of lead vocal, giving the song its melody. Finishing with a few kitchen sinks and more analogue effects, there really are only two words to describe what you've just heard, and those two words, fittingly, are "fuzzy majesty".

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