Thursday 11 July 2013

Izzy Lindqwister - Ez T/Cosmosonic Hipshaker

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When Paris-based Swede Izzy Lindqwister was included in our Sound Of 2013 list we said this: "she released a single and EP in 2012 which showed an incredible versatility, taking in blues, soul, ye-ye, blue beat, ska, baroque-pop and much more". Now let's face it, we can't expect any artist to make each of their songs as stupendously good as 'SoLo', but she's giving it a good go with this double A-side single, and if you don't believe the amount of different genres she can blend into a solitary song then one listen to this will surely prove you wrong.

'Ez T' is soul, reggae, classic pop, ska and many other things, all of them great. The misty, '80s-style video only serves to add another characteristic to this all encompassing sound. The fact that it's a diamond of a tune helps the cause of course. Both are taken from Izzy's debut album which is set for an October release and features a few notable guest spots (The Hives, Hellacopters, Steve Klasson from Johnny Thunders' band). Even on these two songs that diversity is clear, as 'Cosmosonic Hipshaker' is more in line with modern alt-pop but is done in her own way; and her own way is something we'll have to get used to, as there isn't really anyone out there that she compares to.

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  1. Genius stuff! More of the same please!