Thursday, 11 July 2013

Hello Phones - The One

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After their wonderfully varied debut album 'Get It Together' last summer, New York's Hello Phones are back with new material and their first video to go with it. The pair haven't wasted any time in getting back to business and a second album, 'Future City', is already in the bag, with a potential release before the end of the year. Could the video be an indication that they're planing to push a little bit further this time around? We're hoping so, and after 'Get It Together' we know they can construct songs from whatever is at hand. Although the first album would be loosely described as electro-pop there was also a much harder edge to some tracks, with gritty guitars and crunching noise-pop being mixed in.

Whether they plan on keeping these different forms for the follow-up remains to be seen. But we know for a fact they can do electro-pop with the best of them, and this is a point they drive home on new single 'The One'. You can pick out a few of the usual references in this song: the bubbling, Giorgio Moroder synths that are very much back in vogue, and also a slight hint of '80s synth-pop. However, Hello Phones don't really have a retro sound, and 'The One' is silky and modern and although it's not filled with guitars of jarring noise it retains just enough edge to keep you engaged. They're a duo with a wealth of directions at their disposal, it'll be interesting to see which one(s) they've chosen for the new album, if this track sums it up then that will do just fine.

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