Thursday, 11 July 2013

Gaps - Cascade

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Perhaps it's that time of year, but a few of the bands we've been watching for a while are releasing new or debut material, in this case it's Brighton's Gaps. Formed by two reunited school friends who'd been their separate ways for a while, the pair have steadily been dropping new tracks onto their SoundCloud page for a year or so, but this coming week are all set to go with an official debut single which features tracks we haven't mentioned thus far, in fact one song, 'Keep You', we haven't even heard yet.

Although it's to be a double A-side single, it appears to be 'Cascade' that the pair are plugging the most at the moment, and you could call it a strange choice for a single even though it's maybe one of their best songs. Why so strange? Well, as a rule, singles, particularly debut singles, are used to announce your arrival; to say "look! We're here!". 'Cascade' doesn't do that in the usual manner. It takes an age to get going, as gentle vocals and a picked acoustic guitar steadily fade in along with the sounds of seagulls crying, Then when they hit a beat it's still very much an ambient piece, not a pop song like they're capable of. It does get bigger towards the end as is an interesting and very good listen. So we can only praise them for their brave approach and hope that it pays off.

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Single launch at the Shacklewell Arms, Thurs July 11th
71 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, London, E8 2EB

Single launch at Inspire, Coventry, Sat at 10:30pm
Inspire Cafe Bar, Coventry, United Kingdom

Single launch at The Green Door Store, Brighton, Mon, July 15
Trafalgar Arches Lower Goods Yard, Brighton BN1 4FQ

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