Saturday, 6 July 2013

Groves - Encore (demo)

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We should doff our proverbial caps to Groves for making such an exploratory song as this. And by that we mean that 'Encore' changes direction several time without ever losing site of it's core base; the axis that holds it together. The sounds aren't necessarily at the forefront of musical pioneering, but they're not the same old rehashed ideas we hear day in, day out. The London quintet have plenty more ideas too, and you can hear a few more by checking their SoundCloud page, there's every chance you'll find something you like and be pleasantly surprised. But on to the matter in hand: 'Encore (demo)'. This latest of their recordings to be posted begins almost as a dreampop track, but one with its sights set in the cosmos; it's easy to see why they've used the term "astro-hop".

With some sighing vocals, a shuffling beat and resonating guitar, this is light and airy at the same time as having firm roots, which seems like a strange contradiction. Following the opening segment, the guitar slows and the beat changes, opening the door for another section with a more electronic, almost trip-hop beat and proper vocals. It's like chillwave that's grown tired of being self-consciously lo-fi. A break featuring little more than the voice and minimal guitar then follows, before livening up again, only adding more this time. Lyrically the song talks of lost love but does so in such a way that the song is still uplifting and this is in part down to the beats and in part down to the guitar sound which never falls below excellent. I have a feeling this isn't the last we'll hear of Groves.

Groves' website

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