Saturday, 13 July 2013

Five For Free #198

Dan Webb - Triple Sec

Australian musician Dan Webb is releasing a free track every month for 2013 and his July offering seems to be an ode to 'Triple Sec'. Does anyone actually drink triple sec anymore? Did anyone drink it in the first place? I suppose they must have, but we prefer this mellowed-out and blissful, woozy indie/pop/rock track to the drink, plus it's much cheaper.

Free download: 'Triple Sec'

Dan Webb's website

Avec Sans - Hold Oh

Despite the French name, Avec Sans are a duo based in London, and on the strength of this single they should get to a decent level. 'Hold On' should be gracing airwaves, TV, podcasts and whatever else. In fact it may be, but living in our own little bubble we don't know. Either way, this is a top modern electro-pop tune with the potential to be a big hit.

Download 'Hold On' for free by heading here

Avec Sans' website

Buy the EP

Catch them live:

Jul 14 Hoxton Bar And Kitchen, London, UK
Jul 15 Old Blue Last London, UK

Kings Of Lowertown - Shotgun Preacher

Everything here seems to be pointing to some dark and dirty US alt-rock, and that's not far off the mark. Mike Mackey is the man behind Kings Of Lowertown and he's a Canadian musician who's been making tunes for some time. 'Shotgun Preacher' does have a bluesy feel, but really it's just a stomping piece of glam rock that's not unlike 'Spread Your Love' by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Kings Of Lowertown's website

Stream or buy the EP

Gallant - It Hurts

It would be mildly amusing of Gallant was the solo guise of one of the blokes from Two Gallants, but it's not. It's a separate man from Los Angeles and 'It Hurts' is taken from his new EP 'Zebra'. It's also different in sound to that band (other than containing guitar) as this track is at the points where lo-fi, indie-rock and alt-pop all meet, and by the sounds of it that's a good point to be at.

Download 'It Hurts' for free by heading here

Gallant's website

Drull - Last Train To Aberdeen

Experimental electro-pop trio Drull have recently made two new singles available to download free from their SoundCloud page, which is jolly nice of them. The pick of the two is arguably 'Last Train To Aberdeen' which is a mysterious, dreampop-like track with plenty of glitches and stuttering beats laced through it. You can grab that below and find more here.

Drull's website

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