Monday, 8 July 2013

Eyes & No Eyes - If No One Else Saw It

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Now based in London, the quartet that constitute Eyes & No Eyes first met at art school in Brighton where they bonded over a love of krautrock and other exploratory sounds and lyrics, something which comes across in their music, although you'd be hard-pushed to call this particular song krautrock. Their love of the unconventional just about creeps into their set-up too, as they include a full-time cello player as part of the group, something which gives an inevitable baroque feel to slower tracks such as 'If No One Else Saw It', but that's just one aspect of the hotch-potch of ideas that have gone into the song.

There's gentle, almost folky guitar, bursts of unidentifiable noise that hover around quietly in the background, drums that stutter and stammer and rumble, and a deep bass that grounds the song. You could take this song and make it a heck of a lot more normal; the structure isn't particularly far-out, it's the strange way they deliver it that is. You can hear the rattle of drums amongst the soup of noise, loitering about like background radiation at points when the song drops and would, in most cases, have the percussion totally removed. It's as though the instruments are alive and out of control; stringed instruments also squeal in the distance, awaiting their turn to come to the fore. It's good to hear a band looking at music in a different way, but without forgoing that actual song. Their debut album could be very interesting.

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TUE 16 JUL The Lexington, London, UK
THU 25 JUL Secret Garden Party 2013, Huntingdon, UK
FRI 30 AUG End of the Road Festival 2013, Salisbury, UK

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