Tuesday, 16 July 2013

DogGone - No Brow EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Croydon's DogGone have crept up on us slowly this year, after initially catching our ear with a demo they sent our way back in February. Fast forward a few months and we get their first EP, 'No Brow', which is made up of a trio of tunes, including final versions of those we'd heard, but also featuring a song that's new to our ears, 'Hot Fuzz'. It's this track that opens the EP and as it starts it sounds not unlike something The Bluetones could have recorded. Soon enough they change that with the introduction of a more robust sound than their jangly indie for the crashing chorus. It's a song of contrasts, slow, almost delicate verses and explosive intervals.

Maybe its the extra familiarity, but the chiming guitars of 'Lilith' sound even better, and again the band are happy to play around with the dynamic of the song, easing off when needed and also raising the levels a some points. 'No Brow' stays very much in the realm of indie-rock, and in a way this works in their favour, because so many bands are deciding to add elaborate arrangements and incorporate electronics that they've become almost identical. DogGone don't feel like a part of that scene, and here they save the best until last. 'Romance' was the first track we heard and has a sound that sometimes borders on shoegaze; there's definitely a little more fuzz incorporated, but the song itself is strong too. It seems like DogGone have made it out of the traps with ease.

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