Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Diving Bells - Connection EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

They don't specify, but we assume that when this Irish duo say they're now based in Korea they mean the south, and we'll also guess that the move to the other side of the world wasn't a musical one, although we know there's great music being made in the country from previous artists we've featured. Diving Bells only began writing and recording at the start of the year, so to have an EP out already is pretty good going. Of course by choosing Bandcamp they avoid the lengthy process of labels, middlemen and A&R, so that will have been a factor no doubt. Their first three tracks aren't perfect, but they are very good and considering the time span it would be pushing it to ask for better. They're already sounding better than many bands ever get.

Topsy-turvy EP 'Connection' has the title-track at the end, so we'll come to that shortly. First is 'Paranoiac', a song that starts at breakneck speed, introducing us to a frenzy of razor-sharp, cutting guitar and a driving beat that almost gets drowned out by the noise. It's a rush of a begining and the vocals are also smothered in the distortion but it doesn't matter, it's a fine tune and a bit like a bucket of icy water being thrown in your face. They take the foot off the gas for 'No Prizes', a dreamier song that has a distant feel to everything but the guitar again, only this time the guitar is crisply strummed. It's another good tune but the best is saved for last. 'Connection' is pure guitar-scree bliss; piercing noise that begs to be played loud enough to ensure resulting tinnitus. It might be noisy, but it's also melodic, and once more those guitars threaten to bury everything else. This is raw shoegaze as it should be, and we like it.

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