Tuesday, 9 July 2013

3200 Tigers - Nice EP

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Earlier on this year we were sent two demo tracks by Newcastle band 3200 Tigers. Our verdict? We described them as "a terrific alt-pop band in the making". Now it's crunch time, as the quartet release their debut EP 'Nice' this week. Were we right? I'm happy to say that we were. There's no doubting that 3200 Tigers are a pop band, but they do have that alternative streak which makes them more interesting and keeps the standard of the songs high; they never sink into over-commercialisation or engineer their music to fit current trends, they're more interested in making their own trend. Also, the five tracks here are varied and show different sides to the band, as well as letting their talents shine through. This isn't a producer and some faces to front the project, this is a proper band.

The closest they get to conventional modern pop is probably 'Monster Box', and while it's undoubtedly a decent song, it's maybe the least rewarding because of this. It's possibly a little too clean, although it's a catchy number. 'Take Your Pick' we already knew and it still sounds like a twinkly alt-pop song; slightly twee but likable with it; then they switch back to a more contemporary pop sound for 'Crippled By Sneezing' which sounds pleasantly like a Sundays remix and becomes more interesting as it progresses. The tastefully done 'Nice Pleasures' introduces joint male/female vocals and is a rather sweet highlight, and the other song we heard in demo form, 'Leapfrog', brings things full circle as the band embrace their poppier side once more. So we made our predictions, and now for the verdict: 3200 Tigers are a terrific alt-pop band.

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