Thursday, 4 July 2013

Beach Vacation - I Saw You

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Firstly, if you missed out on Beach Vacation's 'Maritime' EP then we'd suggest clicking on that link and having a listen (once you've checked out the new single below) because if you, like the band, are a fan of artists such as Wild Nothing, The Radio Dept. and Beach Fossils then the breezy, summery, slightly lo-fi indiepop sounds they make will be right up your street. As we mentioned then, their ascent has been quite incredible, and although they're taking the sounds they like and trying to recreate them, they're doing so with a high enough calibre of songs that tracks like 'I Saw You' would easily make the cut on an record by any of their influences.

This is essentially more of the same and there's no real change in style since the EP, but we have a sneaky suspicion that 'I Saw You' might just be the best track of their (admittedly short) career to date. Beach Vacation aren't a group who struggle with melody, and the trick of enveloping these melodies in a warm cocoon of fuzzy guitar is an old one but a good one. Perhaps you could say it's slightly timeless; people have been making music this way since the first real indie-as-we-know-it explosion in the 1980s. With songs as good as 'I Saw You', Beach Vacation are worthy torch-bearers.

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