Monday 13 May 2013

Silver 6 - Wide Awake

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You may remember that we recently featured the debut single by Silver 6, a band comprised of members of The Asteroids Galaxy tour and part of The Raveonettes live set-up. If you don't remember then you should head on over here and give it a listen because it's a corker. We're assured that there's a debut album on the way, and listening to second single 'Wide Awake' it can't come soon enough. Less poppy than The Asteroids Galaxy Tour and less scuzzed-out and retro than The Raveonettes, Silver 6 have a sound of their own and are giving us one of the best tracks of the year so far here.

'Wide Awake' is seven minutes of pure bliss for any sonic adventurers out there; a heady mix of psychedelia and shoegaze that's executed with the kind of ability that few manage to do. From the first chimes that sound as though we're dipping into post punk, the song evolves and grows in stature. It's recorded in E Major which the band describe as "the coolest key in music". It's not something we've thought about before, but they're making a good argument for this to be the case. We're given a yelp and then the guitar takes off on a journey of it's own, before vocals are reintroduced. Message to all those other psych bands we've been championing recently: you've got stiff competition here, time to up your game.

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