Thursday, 16 May 2013

Public Transport - Dark Days

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The man behind Public Transport is Duncan Bailey, a native of Maine in the US who'd been making electronic music since the late '90s. Whilst studying in Austria in 2008 he decided to move his sound more towards shoegaze, citing early Lush, Boards Of Canada, Ulrich Schnauss and Nathan Fake as influences. After returning home he released a debut album and also an EP through Swedish label 23Seconds. This is clearly a man whose music gets about a bit. Having also remixed The Sound Of Confusion faves The Bilinda Butchers, he's now back with single 'Dark Days'.

Unusually, the song Dark Days' is the second track on the release, following opener 'Drones'. Now we all know that shoegaze and drones go together, and this is a good example. An entirely instrumental piece, it shows just why The Bilinda Butchers connection came about; they're not too far apart in sound and both are happy to incorporate electronics into their music; plus you can clearly hear those influences he mentioned at work here. The song 'Dark Days' follows in a similar vein; again instrumental and again a mixture of light drones in the background with a traditional (but very good) shoegaze front. It could be lifted straight from 1991, but when that's what you're aiming for then it can only be a success. Public Transport and success aren't often words that you find in the same sentence, but here is a clear exception.

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