Friday, 17 May 2013

May Days: Post-Soviet Soundboard

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We once again take a peek behind what was once the Iron Curtain. With the May holidays now over and everybody in the former Eastern bloc sobering up, these countries are getting back into the swing of things, including everything on the cultural front. Let’s grab an earful of some new audio picks from this part of the world to please your sonic taste buds  ~ WayOutWest

On-the-Go – In the Wind

On-the-Go's website

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Everything is Made in China (EIMIC) – Division Light

EIMIC's website

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Aerofall – Up’s and Down’s

Aerofall's website

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Echo Gardens – One Man

Echo Gardens' website

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Ummagma – Colors

Ummagma's website

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Diakova – Sex After Lessons

Diakova's website

Sounds of Sputnik – Astronomical Summer

Sounds of Sputnik's website

The Praga – My Summer

The Praga's website

Bungalow Bums – Glum’n’Glamorous

Bungalow Bums' website

Kosmonavt – Station 409 - SBB (w/ Элэм)

Kosmonavt's website

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