Thursday, 4 April 2013

Silver 6 - Are We Lovers

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You won't need telling that our ears pricked up when we heard about Silver 6, a band made up of former touring members of The Raveonettes, as well as US alt-pop stars The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. They've been picked up by Danish label Drone Records and will be the first release on that imprint. Of course, ripping-off either of their former bands would be ill-advised and degrade them as musicians, so the good news is that they come with a different sound to both, and take their first tentative steps towards forging a career for themselves. The aim of the label is to explore beyond the usual realms of contemporary music, so we'd expect no less.

There is a psych element to debut single 'Are We Lovers', but it also delves into the world of post-punk with a good degree of success. The guitars ring with a metallic chime and the rhythm section could be borrowed from early Spacemen 3, although given an extra coat of production sparkle. It's not really a song that's easy to knock, but at the same time, despite the fact that it's experimenting, it's doing so in much the same way as many others. What works heavily in their favour is that the track is a strong one, and worthy of marking them out as a band in their own right, not the coming together of some musical spare parts. If they keep this up, a bright future lies ahead.

Are We Lovers - Silver 6 from Silver Six on Vimeo.

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