Monday, 1 April 2013

Silent Lions - Terrible Days

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Lifted from their recent EP 'The Parliaments', 'Terrible Days' is a perfect example of the diversity and hybrid sounds of Ohio duo Silent Lions, it also acts as a great lead-up to their album which is out this month. Is the EP's title a nod to the band of the same name? There's a certain soul/funk influence to what they do, but it's equally punk and alt-rock. So a proper cocktail of sounds plucked from around the music world. The resulting track is also heavily psychedelic, perhaps as a result of not fitting in properly. It might be confusing your brain as it tries to pigeonhole what it's hearing.

'Terrible Days' contains elements of the blues-rock duos who've been all the rage in the past decade too (White Stripes, Black Keys), then suddenly it changes course totally for a section that ignores the rest of the song entirely and ventures off to different musical realms, before being reined in again to allow the track to return to the style that makes up the bulk of the tune. There are a lot of ideas being pumped into one song here, it makes you wonder just what places we'll be taken to when the album drops soon. It should be an interesting ride.

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4/11: KOBO, Columbus
4/12: Rohs St. Cafe, Cincy
4/27: Artomatic 419!
4/27: Mickey Finn's, Toledo
5/4: Metrotimes Blowout, Ferndale

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